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Apple Pie

Apple pie is loved by thousands of american and european people where this dish became a traditional one. It is simple to cook and tasty so lots of people gladly cook it at home and eat it with tea. The recipe of an apple pie is quite simple, take some flour, eggs, sugar and mix it to make a dough, then wash and peel some apples, usually 2-3 apples is enough, then slice them and add them into the dough. Put it into the oven and in half an hour you’re going to have a delicious dish that will surprise your guests. Another recipe is for pastry dough that you can buy in a store, for that apple pie you need to peel and slice apples then put them into the dough, that should be placed into the baking pan and add some sugar. Cover the sliced apples with the dough and put the pan into the oven. Usually it takes 20 minutes or half an hour to cook this dish. Still most of the people prefer to buy an apple pie in the bakery department of a store, it’s fast and easy, but still take a look into the ingredients so it didn’t include too much chemistry.

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