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September comes and it’s time for most of the children to go back to school. During the summer time all of the children had good rest, they visited their grandparents, where they had good time reading books to them and doing chores to help them around the house. Granny taught them how to make pancakes and patties and grandfather taught them fishing and gardening. There were also a trip to mountains with parents where for a couple of days they lived in tents and enjoyed marvellous views. Also there were a lot of swimming, sunbathing and good rest.
In September children eager to see their classmates and start learning new things at school. The first lessons are usually introductory, where children can tell stories of their summer vacation in brief and prepare to describe it written form so a teacher could read it and help in fixing errors. After lessons children start to play and communicate. They gladly run around the campus and play in various games they learned during the summer season and those they played with their parents. Ater the games and all that fun in school children go back home as they need to do their home task and prepare to the next interesting day at school.

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