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Dance Craze

There are thousands of dances invented by people in our world and people started dancing since they started walking. First dances were created for rites and ceremonies and they evolved with time from ceremonial to entertaining and sports. Dances made the whole world go round as people make music, write lyrics, make special moves and invent new dance styles to make people dance. Young people like dancing so much, lots of them nowadays learn street dancing styles and classic dances. If you are a parent than you should choose dance school and go there with your child. When a child is involved with dancing he usually maintains good health and he studies better in comparison with others in the class, who don’t visit dancing. It’s recommended by the specialists to visit classical dances where children dance in couples, as they should communicate and learn how gentlemen and ladies should behave. We live in the world of dance craze, there are hundreds of tv shows about dancing styles, hundreds of movies where people dance and tell stories about dancing styles, there are dancing contests, people dance on the streets and enjoy themselves that way. Doctors say that people should move more to live longer and dancing is one of the perfect ways to enjoy your every move.

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