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Edward Kissing Bella

A book series by Stephenie Meyer made it possible for a number of young actors to become real celebrities. The Twilight series which was filmed and turned into the series of popular movies made Robert Pattinson Kristen, Stewart and Taylor Lautner worldwide known actors and celebrities. The series tells us about vampires and werewolves who live in constant state of war and a human girl who feels not as an ordinary girl but is interested in strange behaving vampire boy and werewolf boy. Vampires are known for a number of centuries, they live among people and drink blood to keep alive as they live for centuries and try not to stand out of the crowd. Werewolves are mythological creatures that look like ordinary people but able to turn into huge wolves especially at the moon night. They turn into wolves and go into the nearest forest where they hunt and eat animals, but in case they see a human, they can hunt him down and eat as an ordinary animal. Both of these mythological creatures vampires and werewolves are extremely dangerous for human beings and there is proof of their existence in real life. Probably the reason why people like stories about these creatures it that they want to learn how they behave or how it is possible to protect from them.

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