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Hannah at the Dentist

Dentists are important for the people as the teeth are used by us every day and should be healthy and should look shiny. Small children should visit dentists three times per month to check if everything is allright with their young and still small teeth. Adults should visit dentists two times a year to fix the problems they have. Usually the health care procedure at the dentist is pretty simple and not scary at all, your dentist is going to take a small mirror and a special instrument to examine your teeth surface and look at all your teeth to find out if there are any problems there. In case he finds something he is going to fix it and nowadays this procedure is not painful as you will get a special analgetic to feel no pain and only after it starts working your bad tooth is going to be fixed. Lots of small children like to play at the doctors games and it is really nice to feel yourself a dentist. Don’t hesitate to visit a real dentist in case there is even a small problem with your tooth, in case you fix it at a proper moment you will save your tooth and will be happy and smily. There are lots of dental problems all around the world and in some countries poor families don’t have money to pay for dental care so there are people who make payments to special funds so these people could live a better and healthier lives, also you can donate your car for kids in case you have such a possibility, this would definitely help a huge number of kids.

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    bom jogar esse jogo

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    eu canta um chou eu nao suporto jogo ate que e legal so que eu jogo um beijo sou de sao paulo so que chegei ontei e to nabahia

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    e legal eu esto ligande vou doimi

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    quero jogar esse jogo

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    eu gosto de chocolate
    tenho 13 anos
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    rsrsrskkk sou gatinha , rsrs :D

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    oi linda

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    sou muito nervosa

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