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Pyramid Blocks

The word pyramid came into English language from Greek language and it was used to denote a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top. The base of a pyramid can have three, four, or any number of surfaces, but still a pyramid has at least three outer surfaces, at least four outer parts including the base. There is a common version of a pyramid , collead square pyramid, with square base and four triangular outer surfaces. There are well known pyramids that are geographically placed in Gyza which is Egypt. Egyptian pyramids are well known all over the world as they were built in one location and remain in good condition till our days. Egyptian pyramids are a part of the world historical legacy and should be treated with accuracy. The pyramids were built of stone or special bricks, but some scientists suggest that Egyptians created special substance, that became solid as rock after water or some other liquid added. Nowadays pyramids became one of the most important sights in Egypt, thousands of tourists come there to see these stately buildings and make memorable photos. Usually tourists come to Egypt by plane and to the pyramids they should make pretty long trip to Gyza to enjoy the wonderful view.

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