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Tango Dance Lover

Tano dance was created in Latin America and conquered the world with the speed of it’s passionate and and melodic sound. It became favourite dance for thousands of people all around the world and made an industry of Latin dance in the world. Thousands of people became tango dance teachers and hundreds of thousands try to learn how to dance and visit classes or buy video lessons. This dance became classical and there are lots of other styles of dancing that derived out of it. So don’t hesitate and join the party of that passion dance lovers who enjoy every move and keep fit by dancing latin dances. The dance is shown in a number of movies we love and that is one of the reasons to learn how to dance it. Celebrities learn how to dance tango and practice it at special parties. The dresses and costumes of tango dancers are very fashionable and flashy. Dresses are pretty short and show legs of a woman so she could move and impress all of the viewers. Male dancers wear strict suits but they are especially made for tango dancing. Couples look sexy and impressive when they move and express their emotions dancing tango.

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