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Unicorn Kiss

Unicorns are mythical animals that are very rare and it’s really hard to see two unicorns at once, but it can happen on practice. Unicorns do magic and like to help in overcoming difficulties to princesses. They are usually portrayed together and Unicorns are good friends and magical protectors who take care of princesses, but most of the magical creatures are friendly to the surrounding animals so they usually do not make any harm to others but try to help and protect them. Unicorns like kissing games as some people do, they are able to love each other as if they were people, but they are in love with each other once and till the end of their life. Male unicorn protects female unicorn and helps her in all she does. Usually female unicorns have a bit pink coloring and male unicorns are a bit bluish. There are numerous toys of unicorns that can be bought in any mall, they are usually white in color, but still there are pink and blue unicorns. Their horn is usually made of some soft material not to harm a baby. Little children like unicorns so much and play with them with great pleasure. Don’t hesitate to buy a unicorn or two unicorns to your child and they will definitely become their favourite toy. As soon as a baby grows up it will continue playing with the unicorns and this is a guaranteed up to the age of four or five. Two unicorn toys are needed so your baby could play kissing games with them. If you are a good parent and want your baby to grow up mentally and physically strong, play with him or hear every day, tell interesting stories about wonderful things so your baby could exercise the imagination, play in active games where you need to run, jump or do some other physical activity so it could be fun and joyful for you and your child.

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