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Fruit Jelly Decoration

Fruit jelly is a natural and highly useful sweet delicacy, which consists of juice and jelly istef. It was invented long ago in 18th century and became popular almost at once as it doesn’t require any special ingredients to make it. First of all you need to buy gelatine, which can be found at any store in supplements for cooking. Then you need to choose your favourite juice which should be colorful to make your jelly look good. The last step is to mix gelatine with your juice properly so it became a single mass, without any lumps. Then find a special cup that will be used for forming a jelly and pour your jelly into it and send it into the freezer for five hours. When time passed just take your jelly out of the freezer and turn the cup over on the plate, to take your jelly out. Here you go, that’s your tasty and fresh jelly. So it looked good just decorate it with your favourite cookies, chocolates and sweets, make it look like party cake. Add some cream or chocolate or jam on on top so it looked stylish, put berries on top and your guests and family are going to be surprised with such a fresh and tasty delicacy.

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  1. Yasmim gamarra nascimento says:

    oi tudo bem ai eu nem sei com quem to falando

  2. Yasmim gamarra nascimento says:

    voce deve ser a jelly)))

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