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IceCream Cone Cupcakes

Ice Cream is a sweet delicacy that was invented by people pretty long ago, but first only kings and queens were able to eat it and only in special days or national celebrations. Time passed and it became more available for simple people. And in 19th and 20th century ice cream was sold almost everywhere and became popular among hundreds of thousands of people. Ice cream is pretty simple to make as it originally consists of cream whipped with sugar but today it’s not a simple task to find such ice cream as lots of factories produce it out of milk or even out of vegetable fat and add chemistry so it tasted and looked like an ordinary ice cream. So when you choose an ice cream, don’t forget to look into it’s ingredients that are stated on the cover of the pack, in case there are too many chemical ingredients it’s better to try some other ice cream to save your health. Children like ice cream cone cupcakes and they gladly eat it as it’s delicious and easy to eat without a risk of becoming dirty in the process of eating. Children also like to decorate it with berries, candies, chocolate and sweets. Sometimes they make selfies with decorated ice cream cones to show it to their friends.

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