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Spies or special agents are spread all over the world to bring information or secret documents to the government they work for. Totally Spies are also special agents who make various life-threatening tasks. A good spy is hard to recognize as he is taught to stick around so no one could even imagine that he works for another government. Some spies live undercover for years and don’t even make any actions not to be revealed and declassified. Some act in aggressive way as the time for their mission is limited. All they need is to collect the information they should without being noticed by anyone and transfer or pass it to another spy who transmits the information to those people who sent the spy. There are thousands of spy networks in every country, for example in Russia there are thousands of American, German, French and other spies who collect and transmit special data and in America there are also thousands of Russian, German and French spies who work for their own governments and collect data or transmit some special information about inventions or special devices to their landlords. Recently lots of intelligence agencies all around the world have detected chinese spies who collect data about inventions, new devices, technologies and send it to China and in a few months chinese plants produce analogues of such devices and start selling them earlier than those who invented it initially. Spy is really dangerous profession to work in, but it’s always nice to buy a set of spy games in the mall or buy special gaming equipment and play being a spy with your friends.

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